AutoScan-DS100+ Dental 3D Scanners

AutoScan-DS100+ has been designed specially for fixed denture restoration in dental labs. It is a highly cost-effective3D scanner for entry level digital dental solution.AutoScan-DS100+ dental 3D scanner adopts blue light scanning technology and has great capability of anti-interference. It has the advantages of scanning with superior data quality and high speed, etc.

One computer deals with 2 orders simultaneously

Scanning speeds up, greatly improve the efficiency for dental labs

Scanning time: Full Arch 18s; Upper Jaw/Lower Jaw 40s; 2-8 teeth 41s; 1 single tooth 35s; Impression 2mins.

Multi-dies function

The multi-die scan function is specially for large dental labs, improving the scan efficiency dramatically and making simple coping production highly efficient.

Blue light scanning technology

Blue light 3D scanning technology replaces the white light 3D scanning technology, less sensative to the ambient light.

Fully-automatic Scanning

A completely new user interface, easy to operate, minimize the error caused by the die-plugging, and improve the fluency of scanning. Articulation scan ->Lower jaw scan ->Upper jaw scan ->Die scan

High accuracy

AutoScan-DS100’s scanning precision is less than 0.015 mm. The margh line and surface of sing die are more clear

Compact design

The latest vertical design, saves space and reduces weight.

Strong Compatibility

SHINING 3D dental scanning software can output high quality standard STL data directly, compatible with most CAD/CAM software. The 3Shape data conversion function let you import the data directly to the 3Shape design software, which Improves the equipment utilization and the design efficiency.


The AutoScan-DS series 3D scanners help you enter the digital dental field with low threshold and it has the most stable quality, the most favorable price with no bundle sales.

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