AutoScan-DS300 Dental 3D Scanner

AutoScan-DS300 High-end Dental 3D Scanner supports articulator scanning, the positioning of the stone models within the physical articulator can be precisely transferred into the software.

It is aimed to high-end implant restoration application. AutoScan-DS300 is the best choice for high-end implant restoration labs in the areas of big bridge restoration, occlusion reconstruction, etc.

Virtual articulation supported

3.0 mega cameras are equipped, which offers scan data with high details of die margin and scan body

Equipped with articulation transfer fixture, realizing articulation transfer seamlessly

Matched with new scan software, intelligent user interface, implant model scanning and articulator calibrating, the operation becomes more fluent.

Package for sale, no need to seek for the third party supplier

SHINING 3D AutoScan-DS300 Dental 3D Scanner (hardware) + Exocad Software(with implant, virtual articulator and bar module) No need to seek for implant database and scan bodies any more