AutoScan-IT 3D Scanner

AutoScan-IT 3D scanner create highly accurate digital 3D models of objects. AutoScan-IT 3D scanner is specifically designed to support the scanning needs of small industrial parts, customized hearing aids, jewelry, etc.

Its good performance perfect matching with applications in digitization for reproduction, reverse engineering, etc.

Fully Automatic

Fully automatic scanning,simply place the object in the scanner and click the software’s scan button starts the scan.

White Light Scanning Technology

Two axis rotation plates ensure the data be captured from all angles. White light scanning technology enables complete 3D data captured at high speed.


Open STL file output, compatible with various milling systems, 3D printers.

Reverse Scan(in development)

Both positive and negative side of objects can be scanned with chosen jig

This makes wax-up scanning more accurate and complete Work efficiency is highly improved