Carveco Maker Plus

Expanding on all the tools found in Carveco Maker; Carveco Maker Plus adds a powerful mix of 3D Design, Manufacturing and Productivity tools that will help expand the range and scale of products you can offer to your customers.

Add an extra dimension to your designs…

Carveco Maker Plus expands on the design capabilities of Carveco® Maker by introducing powerful 3D design tools into your workflow.

Apply fades to your relief artwork, create complex weaves and smooth model imperfections through directly sculpting on your model with the included Smooth and Erase tools.

With our latest update (v 1.18) we’re taking your modelling capabilities much further. With the addition of TurnSpinTexture Relief and Cookie-Cutter tools, you’ll be able to create intricate 3D designs, faster and much easier than before.

Shape Editor

With customisable settings for shape profiles, angles and heights – the Shape Editor lets you easily create 3D relief artwork from vectors or bitmap artwork in just a few clicks.

3D Sculpting

The interactive sculpting tools give you the power to add or remove material organically. Smooth out model imperfections with customisable strength settings directly in the 3D-view.

Cookie Cutter

The Relief Cookie Cutter gives you full editing control over your relief artwork by allowing you to easily cut, transform and combine reliefs to make truly unique artwork!

Spin Tool

Using open vectors, the Spin Tool allows you to create circular relief. Dynamically change the profile of your spun-relief by dragging vector points (nodes) entirely in the 3D view!

Fade Relief

The Fade tool allows you to fade the height of your 3D relief artwork in a radius or between two set points you define. Working directly in the 3D view, you easily see the effect in real-time as you adjust the strength and direction of the fade.

Turn Tool

Using open vectors, the Turn Tool allows you to easily create a turned shape. Dynamically drag around vector points (nodes) and see the effect on your relief in real-time in the 3D view.

Carveco Maker Plus comes with all the design features of Carveco Maker….

Total Vector Control

From Vector Clipping, to effortless Offsets and Fillets – have total control over your vectors with powerful editing features.

Automatically Generate Vectors

Automatically create machinable vectors from imported non-vector images with the Bitmap to Vector tool.

Identify Problem Vectors

The Vector Doctor helps you identify any potential problems with your vector artwork before you try to machine it.

Relief From Greyscale

Carveco Maker Plus lets you create 3D relief models from imported Greyscale artwork.

Smooth out rough relief artwork

Run smoothing passes over low-quality relief artwork to remove imperfections.

Invert relief artwork

Easily invert relief models to produce Male and Female parts or simple molds.

Carveco Maker Plus comes with over
600+ 3D Relief models included!

Free to use in your CNC projects as many times as you like.

Increase The Output of Your Machine Shop

Building on the impressive machining tools in Carveco Maker, the expanded feature set of Carveco Maker Plus grants far greater control and customization over your machining process and toolpath generation.

From Batch Calculations and the ability to Transform, Copy or Merge toolpaths through to the introduction of new tools such as Raised-Round, Texture Machining, Fluted Weaves and Drill Bank support. Carveco Maker’s production tools help you increase both the type and scale of products you can offer your customers.


With the Nesting feature of Carveco® Maker Plus, large numbers of letters or shapes can be efficiently positioned and cut from one or multiple sheets of material, reducing waste and saving money. You can even nest parts within parts.
Additionally, Maker Plus lets you save the remnants of any left over material, allowing you to reuse it on a future project.


Sheets allow you to work with multiple sheets of material within one Carveco project. Aimed at production applications, Carveco Maker Plus can also generate sheet reports with useful toolpath data you need for producing each sheet.
Sheets are particularly useful when combined with the Multiplate tool and Nesting. Allowing you to batch work and save material.

Toolpath Templates

Toolpath Templates allow you to assign toolpath settings to specific vector layers within Carveco Maker Plus, The toolpath template file saves the original toolpath-creation settings. The toolpath settings saved within the template can be applied to vector artwork of a model to machine all or part of the model.

Panel/Tiling Toolpaths

No longer be limited by the size of your machine bed! With Carveco Maker Plus and the included Toolpath Panelling feature, larger jobs can be broken down into multiple panels, cut individually and assembled to form your larger, over-size piece.