Click2Form 2017

Fast, Easy, Accurate & Affordable

Click2Form is a sheet metal forming simulation software that enables users to optimize their products for manufacturing, with the consideration of early formability, material utilization and cost. Evaluating feasibility within seconds is possible with the industry leading one-step inverse simulation technology. In addition to providing the users with areas of possible failure due to tearing and thinning, Click2Form has comprehensive blank utilization capabilities that provides optimal blank shape including the best layout for blank nesting and the associated material cost.


  • Stamping simulation software with ability to do product design, feasibility analysis and cost estimation
  • User-friendly interface facilitating natural workflow for innovative user experience
  • Identify potential stamping defects like splits, wrinkles and modify product design in just a few steps
  • Quick and optimal nesting of blank in the coil sheet to maximize material utilization for progressive and transfer die forming


Design Better Products

  • Quick and reliable check on stamping feasibility of design
  • Visualize potential defect areas (splits, wrinkles, loose metal)
  • Modify design, gauge (thickness), evaluate material type to quickly understand affect eliminate defects and finalize the design
  • Optimal blank nesting in transfer die or progressive die layout within manufacturing constraints for maximum material utilization and reduce material cost
  • Guide the user with the design and reduce trial and error

Improve Productivity

  • Evaluate product designs for feasibility for material utilization and quoting
  • Quickly check dieface designs for stamping feasibility
  • Predict common stamping defects in dieface design upfront and correct them before detailed incremental analysis
  • Assist die face designers to identify process conditions like blank holder force, draw bead location, drawbead force before detailed incremental analysis
  • Accurate net-shaped blank predictor based on die face for incremental analysis and cost estimation
  • Quickly estimate forming load for press selection, process planning, and costing

Reduce Scrap and Improve Material Utilization

  • Accurate blank shape prediction
  • Option to add additional material to account for addendum
  • Nesting for transfer die forming with blank fit option to standard shapes: Rectangle, parallelogram, trapezoidal, miter, chevron and sweep
  • Nesting with one-up, two-up and mirror layout for progressive die forming with standard carrier options: single, central, nested double-sided, double-sided & central and double-sided & nested