Customised Technology – Rapid I

Vision Measuring Systems

Rapid-I started its journey in the Precision Metrology industry with its award-winning, industry-leading Vision Measuring Systems. Rapid-I was the first VMS in the world to incorporate Digital CMOS technology for Vision Metrology. Concurrent with this, Rapid-I was able to eliminate the need for analog CCD cameras, add-on video converter cards and other accessories in the PC attached to the systems. This enabled end-users to purchase PCs form their local markets/dealers with comfortable service support at affordable costs and flexible configurations.

Today, Rapid-I Vision Systems use state-of-the-art USB 3.0 digital cameras running on Windows 10 x64 platform for superb performance. As always, the pioneering all-steel mechanical construction, allows extremely consistent behaviour at ambient conditions on the shop-floor and have been proven to perform robustly and accurately for more than 10 years now. Compact design and intelligent embedded CNC controls have been developed to deliver excellent automated inspection experiences for the user.

Flexible and zonal LED-based lighting systems allow for comfortable 24/7 operations with the complete system consuming <10W (on average) of power.

Standard Systems

  • Small field of view (2.8 x 2.2 mm).
  • Allows for very high pixel resolutions (~3 um).
  • Enables very high accuracy measurements.
  • XYZ movements with 0.5 um resolution.
  • Allows wide size ranges to be easily measured.

OneShot (Field-of-View) Systems

  • Whole component visible in a single image.
  • No movements required.
  • Good for high-speed, low accuracy, large volume inspections.
  • Measurement resolution and accuracy dependent on field of view.
  • Good for smaller profile measurements.

Hybrid Vision Systems

  • Large field of view (23 x 17 mm).
  • Allows high pixel resolutions (~6 um).
  • Good repeatability and accuracy for medium-sized (~50-100 mm) components with intricate profiles.
  • XYZ movements with 0.5 um resolution.
  • Allows wide size ranges to be easily measured.

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