DigiMetric Photogrammetry

The DigiMetric photogrammetric system is a new type of 3D measurement equipment and known as a new generation of optical digital coordinate measuring machine, which is widely used in large and heavy equipment manufacturing industries such as automotive, aerospace, power generation equipment and engineering machinery, and has marked a new era in the field of large-size workpiece rapid 3D measurement technology.

The photogrammetric system (DigiMetric), also known as photogrammetric positioning system or close-range photogrammetric system, is a measurement method in which the 3D coordinates of the feature reference point are obtained through the visual 3D calculation principle. The DigiMetric system is used to calculate the 3D coordinate values of the mark points attached onto the object surface, and a fixed coordinate system is formed and aligned to the CAD digital model to make a comparison and get the comparison results, so as to achieve the purpose of rapid 3D detection.
Attach the reference point at the position to be measured
Arrange the code points and scales in the measurement range
Use a professional digital camera to take pictures at different angles


  • Wide range: measure up to 50 meters of large workpiece
  • Fast: fast picture shooting and data processing
  • Non-contact measurement: photographic measurement, and no contact with the workpiece
  • Easy operation: no cumbersome location adjustment and precision correction and other operations of the equipment, easy to use, and no special requirements for the operator
  • Wide adaptability: it is free from the environment and measuring range limits, and the measurement can be made in the workshop or on construction site
  • Portable: the photogrammetric system can be carried by 1 person to the field or other places for measurement

System Components:

DigiMetric system measurement software

Professional digital camera

High precision measuring scale

Code point

Mark point