iSLA-650 Pro Stereolithography 3D Printer

iSLA-650 Pro Stereolithography 3D Printer is developed by SHINING3D, which is professional in 3D PRINTING technology. The system is user friendly, high stability, free maintenance and perfect PRINTING result.

High Accuracy

0.05-0.2mm, improving the accuracy and reducing the reprocessing;

ultraviolet laser will focus automatically, the facula diameter is less than 0.15mm;

Accuracy calibration automatically makes sure the better quality of prototyping.

High Resolution

Smooth surface (ra<0.1 um)

Can create any complicated components (such as hollow parts)

Symmetrical coating

Automatic and Intelligent

Highly automatically processing and simple reprocessing

Can remote control in the same local area network Voice and SMS remind

Online laser inspection with auto-setting parameter; auto scanning path; liquid level auto control.