Alibre Atom3D

The best 3D design tool for hobbyists

Design for 3D Printing, CNC, workshop projects, robotics and more

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Learn why Alibre Atom3D is the perfect starting point for every design project, no matter how you’re making it.

Core Features

Everything to bring your idea to life.


Precision is built in – things will fit together every time.

Model Entire Designs

Whether your design has one part or 1000, you can make it.

3D Printing / CNC

Export your design in STL, STEP, SAT, DWG, or DXF for whatever your 3D printer or CNC software needs.

Shop Drawings

Create 2D drawings with dimensions that you can print out to help you build it.

Easy To Learn

A simplified yet powerful toolset doesn’t bombard you with options – get up and running fast.

Pay Once, Own It

No subscription nonsense – own your tools and use them offline.

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